Parent Support?

Old_coupleAs our society ages, should we explore the notion of parent support? Nobody questions mandatory child support (well a few perhaps), but does it make sense to compel senior support? Do we owe anything to our parents if they are aged and economically insecure?

One could argue that families have a duty to care for their own. Therefore, assuming a child has some ability to support a parent–and that parent has unmet financial needs, we should mandate contribution for their care. After all, that same parent may have been likewise compelled to support that child at some point in the past. The economic obligations should be reciprocal.

But does a child owe anything to a parent? (Probably some more than others!)  And if so, should the child’s recognition of a parent’s contributions be recognized, or compelled, through court ordered remuneration?

Perhaps this question becomes more timely as social security becomes overburdened, pension funds are failing and recent economic events have shaken our sense of economic security. Should the state’s recognition of a parent’s financial responsibilities to a child go both ways? Let’s start the debate.


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