The Goldman Saga and Speedy Justice

While it is obvious, the Goldman saga confirms the need for family court to resolve matters as quickly as possible. That case was obviously impacted by the international complications–but what about the cases our courts do have control over. There is no excuse for custody cases to span years. The turmoil to the family is awful while the case is pending and no there is no chance of any healing. 

Why are cases typically delayed? Poor lawyering–certainly. Judges who have trouble making hard decisions–absolutely. Inefficient procedures and poor case management–undoubtedly.  But these are simply not good excuses. Technology allows us to be so much more efficient. We need to brainstorm ways to harness its powers for the good of families in distress. We need to enhance our management skills to more efficiently manage the conflict. While the system cannot solve everyone’s problems, its role is to resolve them–in a fair, timely and efficient manner.

The Goldman family had little choice but to endure their nightmare. Let’s try to make sure other families don’t similarly suffer, where we can control the outcome.


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One response to “The Goldman Saga and Speedy Justice

  1. Mario F Rincon

    …very well said Steve. Going through Family court
    is a nightmare, but having to go through it twice
    is mind boggling, kind of leaves you sadly disappointed and shaking your head at the Justice System, by the way due process plays out, the slow pace, the high costs, the lack of forceful mediation, the inefficiency, the stress on the Family, etc.. It is not as much the end result, but the process in between, from start to finish.

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